After completing your order, you'll receive two emails. One is your order confirmation email with shipping information and a receipt. The other is your 'unique code' email. You'll use the code(s) in this email to assign your test to your account on

Register your Covid-19 test

Step 1

Copy the unique code from the email and click 'Register Kit'.

Unique code email for Covid-19 tests - you'll use this code to register your kit

Step 2

You'll be taken to, where you can log in to your account or quickly create one if you're not already registered. This is the hub for all of your tests and where you can upload/download test results, so keep your login handy!

Log in or register at to manage your Covid-19 tests

Step 3

You'll be able to see your test history on the 'My tests' page. Click 'Register a new kit'.

You can see all of your previous Covid-19 tests on this page

Step 4

Enter the unique code from Step 1 and select who this test is for. You can add the details of other people if they'll be taking the test.

Enter your Covid-19 test code and assign it to a person

Step 5

If this test is for travel purposes, you'll need to enter the required information, including your passport number and travel date.

We'll need travel details for your Covid-19 test.

Now your test is registered! Read on below to find out how to upload your test result image for verification and, most importantly, download your official travel documents.

Upload your Covid-19 test image

Step 6

When it's time to take your Covid-19 test, log in to your Qured account and click on the test that you registered. Follow the instructions supplied with the test and pay attention to the information on this screen to upload correctly.

We'll give you the instructions you need to upload your Covid-19 test result

Step 7

You'll need to enter the date and time that you took the test (ensure this is accurate and matches the time written on your test cassette) and the country of swabbing. Click or drag your image into the box and submit your test.

You can read the instructions on how to upload your Covid-19 test results

Step 8

Our team will work to verify your test result and approve your travel certificate. After they've done this, your test page will update with all the information you need and the option to download your results. We'll also notify you via email once it's done, so you can sit back and relax!

If you encounter any problems with test registration or image uploads, don't hesitate to contact our support team over the phone or by email!

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