PCR Tests

For PCR tests that have been delivered via our postal service, our partner laboratory will provide your results within 24 hours of checking in the sample at the laboratory for processing. For Expedited Courier tests, we aim to return results before midnight on the day of swabbing.

What is "from check-in at the lab"?

Our agreed timeframe with our partner laboratory only starts from the time they begin processing the test. In the interests of transparency, we state the processing time and that it begins "from check-in at the lab".

Rapid Antigen Tests
We return official, verified results and any travel documents for rapid antigen / lateral flow tests within two hours of you uploading your test result image between the hours of 08:00 and 21:30 GMT. Between the hours of 21:30 and 08:00 GMT, results may take up to ten hours.

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