To activate your kit, visit and log in using your details.

Once you've signed in and can see your bookings, click on the test(s) that you want to activate.

Click the yellow 'Activate Kit'.

You will be asked to enter your barcode and sample date/time.

After activating, the page should refresh and say activated. If it does not then please refresh the page again.

For a small number of day 2/8 or Test to Release customers we will have been unable to send our lab partner their declaration. You will be displayed a message and a link to our partner laboratory's website if this is the case. There you will need to enter your barcode and pin code which are available on the page before.

Your sample date/time will already have been submitted but you will need to enter travel information, which is required by the Department of Health and Social Care. Complete this form and you will be done!

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